Graduation Rates For Student Athletes

School Funding

In either case, if your child attends a non-member college, there are limitations on how much the prepaid plan will pay. Most college savings plans allow out-of-state residents to join their programs. Most state-sponsored prepaid plans are open only to state residents.

Accreditors and schools identified, in websites maintained by the U.S. Department of Education or CHEA, as recognized or accredited, are highly likely to be legitimate. And some accreditors or schools not so identified are legitimate as well. For instance, legitimate schools that are in process of becoming accredited are often not listed, and some religious schools choose not to be listed. Thus, some legitimate higher education accreditors, programs, and institutions are not accredited or recognized by CHEA, USDE, or both.

Fake degrees created by diploma mills—those scam schools that exist only on a computer server somewhere—are proliferating throughout the business world, according to professional organizations involved in academic credential evaluation. That fits with Mintz Group’s observations as a background-screening company. We and our executive search firm clients need to remain alert to signs of this academic fraud. ‘Accreditation mills’ are fake quality assurance agencies that claim to carry out external QAactivities for bogus higher education institutions in order to help them look legitimate.

questioned the generality of this evidence, using Mexican household survey data to show that the presence of migrants to the US, among a household's members, actually diminishes schooling retention. argued that one reason for the greater educational spending when females have more control may be an attempt by women to smooth lifetime consumption in societies where physical assets are largely controlled by men. Community participation has made an important contribution to the provision of essential education materials, building of new classrooms, and assisting in the management of the schools.


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